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Free Leads? Market Smart

April 7, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

I don’t pay for any leads or marketing, Im not saying linkedin ads are a paid search service is not good but I have found the freebies work just as nice.

I will tell you that I have tried paid services for free just to see if it is worth it to me. and are two that I tried using their free trial. Yes, you get a ton of leads but these companies charge thousands of dollars per year to use. If you have a huge domain dealer it may be worth it but for small guys like me the ROI is way out of line. I like free!

First, everyone on the planet uses Google – always start here. I will do a general keyword search. If I am not getting what I want I use a couple ideas to hit what I need. Almost daily I will search for my keywords using the “last 24 hours” search so I can see if anything new came to market. It is under “tools” and then pick any time frame you would like. I also like INURL: “your keyword” – this shows anything page with your word in it. I also search for word variations – car,auto,transportation – anything associated with cars – dealers – celebrity cars – detail shops

Twitter search – pretty basic but you can find things using their search function.

Also truck – their search gives different results than Google.

Linkedin is huge. I use them to find companies and executives and marketing people. is awesome for pulling emails out of linkedin. Find the person you are looking for and run – it gives you emails addresses to any company they find associated to that person.

These are also great resources – – –

Im sure I will think of some more tips and tricks – feel free to share yours

I use three programs to find email addresses and they are all free:

Clearbit for Gmail – great program! You type in a URL and it pulls emails addresses. You can search by seniority – role or name

If Clearbit isn’t finding what I need I use – search by URL and names

Last – I use – it has a ton of features and its pretty new

How do I find my targets? Usually on their websites. Look under the “About” or “Contact” tabs for the executives of the company. I also hit the Chief Marketing Officer sometimes called the CMO. If you cant find them on their website just Google the executives names. Linkedin is always a great resource.

It never hurts to ask for a referral. If someone replies they are not interested ask them if they know anyone who may need the name. Also, many large companies have no idea who each other are or their division does not deal with domain names. For instance, I was emailing people at facebook and I received a reply that they weren’t interested. I asked who handled domain name buying and they gave me her address! It doesn’t hurt to ask.

I also search for startups on Angel list – Y Combinator and Google startups for the names you want to sell. You will usually find something in your industry.

Hope this helps – happy hunting. If you want to share any tips or tricks let me know and I will post you as a contributor.

I will be honest, I am not a fan of the old time millionaire domain guys. I’m not going to name names, make your own assumptions.

If you bought names in the 1990’s and sold them for millions of dollars – awesome for you. I bought a bunch and sold them for peanuts not long after I bought them. I sold them on eBay with Zip Drives. I made enough money for a down payment on our first house selling traffic to people. I had a java code that sent fake traffic to sites. Back then nobody cared what kind of traffic it was, they just wanted hits.

I started selling websites with the Java code explaining how I was making money selling traffic. This made me even more money! ebay used to be a great marketplace before it was taken over corporate. Just like the flea markets before cheap Chinese crap and professional flea market guys took over. I made a ton of money.

I then started selling links to cheap Viagra from India, I started out selling the links to the site and then started selling the sites on eBay telling people how to do what I was doing. Do you see a pattern? I was always after the quick cash. I made a lot quickly and then got out. Domains are a longer haul.

I didn’t include the big boys because they aren’t helping anyone. One of them only puts people down – constantly! Nobody is as good as him. Everyone’s names are garbage and unless you are making millions you are beneath him and his title lets you know that. When was the last time you saw him post anything positive or offer to help anyone? The other spews his political views every chance he gets and thinks he is smarter than everyone. I don’t need to see your political beliefs,stop trying to force them on other people. You are not smarter than everyone because you have money.

Lets face it, you could be a multimillionaire and be nice. Don’t let money rule your life, it doesn’t make you better,smarter,good looking or more interesting.

Next post I will start getting into the tools and tricks I use to find names and buyers 🙂

You’re so vain – you probably think this post is about you:


March 24, 2019 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments is for sale

I have been called an asshole – helpful – nice and anything in between. I may be an enigma to some but that’s because you all know me from being online, on Name Pros or twitter. I am not that complicated and my wife will attest to this.

I live 30 miles south of Buffalo NY near Lake Erie. We live in the country surrounded by farm land. I have a wife and two beautiful girls who are still in school; even though I am almost 55 years old. I married later in life after years in the military,college and bartending. I bounced around the SouthEast – I was the ultimate Peter Pan. I was in the Air Force near Silicon Valley, although it was not a robust technical juggernaut it is now. I also spent a year near @domainShane in Champaign Urbana Illinois, those were my fondest memories.

After a night of fights in the bar I was working in N.Y. and another whorish night with some random girl, I had an epiphany. I was 35 and still acting like I was in college, I needed a change. I applied to be a tech support agent in 1997 for a company called Clientlogic. They rushed me through Windows 95 class and put me on the phones. I had a computer engineering degree from 1986 before Windows was a thing, this was all new to me.

While I was climbing the corporate ladder I started meeting like-minded geeks like myself and we started talking about building websites. One idiot friend wouldn’t stop talking about domains – he wanted to start a site called Deaddogsdonteatchocolate – idiot. That’s when I started thinking about domain names. I bought as my first domain in the 90’s and still have it. I went back to college and earned a second degree in Business and I still work as an IT manager so I can feed the kids, but I love domains. Domains pay for our vacations.

I shudder to think of all the domains I owned and either let lapse or sold for next to nothing. I am NOT one of the people who had the foresight to buy cool names and hold them. I sold mine for party money. Buying back then required paperwork and it sucked. I had tons of great names over the years that I should have kept.

About 5 years ago I sold a name I had been holding for $12,000 and I was hooked again. I started searching eBay for names and bought some garbage. I started buying garbage on Name Pros. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t duplicate my $12,000 sale? I didn’t look at extensions or try to learn, I made many mistakes. was my most expensive lesson. After that loss I was on a quest to learn. Most everything I am going to share over the next while is trial and error. I have a habit of not listening or taking advice. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. I have been flat broke waiting for pay day and selling off names cheap and I have been flush with money on domain name buying sprees.

I will show you what tools I use – where I look for names and how I try to sell my names. I’m not going to pretend I know everything – I definitely do not!

This biggest issue I see in our industry is two-fold:

1. The guys who sell tons of names aren’t giving anyone useful information on how to sell, everything seems to me a secret or you need connections people are not willing to share. Why would they give the competition their contacts?

2. There is no central way to advertise to the general public. Do you think anyone besides investors are going to domain auctions or Name Pros?

Hopefully you learn something or maybe you share your knowledge. The huge guys in the industry are helpful and accessible, but they aren’t going to share the wealth.

Lets start with who I follow on twitter – I feel that these are a must


@DomainShane Absolute #1 on my list – daily newsletter filled with domains! YOU MUST FOLLOW! Great guy

@zuiker_chris ‏ – domain broker for Media Options – lots of free information – has helped me with advice – great guy

@DotWeekly ‏ – Jaimie knows every sale and inside information

@JoshuaHReason Insightful

@jstenn13 ‏  More insight

@DNAcademy Learn from the best

@andrewrosener  There is nobody better right now at selling domains – Will tell you what he thinks without a filter. If you don’t have a thick skin – dont talk to him. I have brought him a couple of deals. DO NOT SEND HIM ANYTHING. Andrew will light you up if you bring him garbage. I have a Love/Hate relationship with Andrew – he has been great to me.

@onlinedomaincom Wealth of information

@MrJagSingh Jag is an amazing guy – he has gone out of his way to help me on multiple occasions – easily accessible

@MichaelCyger One of the masters!

@DNJournal  Tons of industry news

@MorganDOTLinton Wealth of information

@DInvesting Wealth of information – Super Knowledgeable – great guy

@juddeme Wealth of information

@TLDInvestors ‏ Nice information

@DomainSherpa If you don’t follow and listen to Sherpa episodes you should not be in this business – all free information!

@buffalobills Because the Bills Rule