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April 7, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

I don’t pay for any leads or marketing, Im not saying linkedin ads are a paid search service is not good but I have found the freebies work just as nice.

I will tell you that I have tried paid services for free just to see if it is worth it to me. and are two that I tried using their free trial. Yes, you get a ton of leads but these companies charge thousands of dollars per year to use. If you have a huge domain dealer it may be worth it but for small guys like me the ROI is way out of line. I like free!

First, everyone on the planet uses Google – always start here. I will do a general keyword search. If I am not getting what I want I use a couple ideas to hit what I need. Almost daily I will search for my keywords using the “last 24 hours” search so I can see if anything new came to market. It is under “tools” and then pick any time frame you would like. I also like INURL: “your keyword” – this shows anything page with your word in it. I also search for word variations – car,auto,transportation – anything associated with cars – dealers – celebrity cars – detail shops

Twitter search – pretty basic but you can find things using their search function.

Also truck – their search gives different results than Google.

Linkedin is huge. I use them to find companies and executives and marketing people. is awesome for pulling emails out of linkedin. Find the person you are looking for and run – it gives you emails addresses to any company they find associated to that person.

These are also great resources – – –

Im sure I will think of some more tips and tricks – feel free to share yours

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